Words like dedication, quality and service are common in recommendations; in the case of Ian Fritz they give only a faint impression of his rare skill and work ethic.  Ian is in a class of his own, which is why I have time and again sought him out to work on my house for eleven years.  When I once lost contact, I went to great lengths to find him again.  Many builders, carpenters, painters and tradespeople of all sorts have done renovation work for me for decades, and none measures up to Ian.  He is, categorically, the best worker I have ever known and it is with complete confidence that I recommend him to anyone seeking superior reno work.

Ian is a perfectionist in the best sense of that word.  I am an unusually demanding overseer of anyone working in my home, and over the years I’ve developed a reliable instinct about what is being done right, and what is not, which includes noting inferior materials, workmanship or design.  This has often put me in the position of pointing out essential details needing more attention and even substantial change.  Never has this happened with Ian.  He has a fastidious eye for detail and insists on doing things properly, even surpassing my exacting standards of quality. Ian is immensely resourceful, a keen problem solver.  An unforeseen snag does not defeat him; it merely presents him with a challenge to which he always seems to find a good solution. He wants his work to have enduring value.  He once told me that it was impossible for him to do a rushed job if it meant not doing it right, and he has proved that repeatedly in his work on my home.

Ian is absolutely dependable.  I have never once been disappointed that he failed to show up or arrived late.  He keeps his word always.  I have seen him stay on a job in blistering temperatures, long after most workers would have packed it in.  He always sets up materials and tools properly, abides rigorously by safety standards, and cleans up each day as if he hadn’t been there.  He works full days, but never seems to take a full lunch or a generous coffee break.  I always feel I am getting service over and above the call of duty.  His respect for my home and my money is never in question.  And he always returns phone calls, communicates promptly,    taking pains to explain or clarify anything I have questions about – even if the matter is self evident to him, he makes sure I am comfortable with any decisions or changes.

Trustworthiness is a rare premium, and I trust Ian completely:  His quotes are never inflated, and his hours are honest.  I leave him alone in my house without any qualm.  I know he will stick to his word, and will not consider a job finished until I am completely happy with it.  This gives me complete peace of mind in hiring him.

Finally, it is impossible to recommend Ian without mentioning his character, as it is his character that enables him to produce the work he does.  Ian is genuine to the bone, guided by values that run deep.  He is warm and caring, a pleasure to have around.  Unfailingly polite and almost always in good humor, he shows respect for other workers or consultants on a job, and affably reaches out even to my mailman and neighbors, to say nothing of all my family members who come and go while he works.  He is a devoted husband and father, and family is extremely important to him, which is why he will leave at the end of a long work day when he should, and return as expected early the next morning.

These qualities, however, are paired with the unusual ability to “tell it like it is.”  Ian is frank and firm with co-workers and anyone else he depends upon.  Nothing gets in the way of him completing a project 100%, but he operates always with respect, and demands respect from others.  Clients who want short cuts at the expense of quality should not hire him; his conscience will not sanction shoddiness. The renovation and builder’s world would be lucky to have more people like Ian, but I know too well that he is a rare treasure in that world, which is why I cannot recommend Ian Fritz highly enough.